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Winter @ the Beach

I had a wonderful time at the beach for New Year’s weekend, I toke a hiatus to Hilton head South Carolina and it gave me some time to reflect on the year, to pray and thank the Father for all he’s provided for me in 2023. I felt refreshed, relaxed and at peace. I wasn’t really sure if I could afford a vacation at the end of the year and I still don’t think I could but I did it and to me, it was an expense that was worth taking. I did have my grandmother, mother and aunt meet me there and we were able to spend some time together to relax and just enjoy the solitude of the beautiful resort. I had a chance to get a facial at the spa and I spent some time in the hot tub and the heated pool. I took a couple strolls on the beach, sat near the water, watched the waves crash and thanked the Father for all His goodness and all the goodness he has in store for 2024. I am now particularly inclined to take my beach vacations during the winter when it’s quiet and cool. 

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