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I had a wonderful time at the beach for New Year’s weekend, I toke a hiatus to Hilton head South Carolina and it gave me some time to reflect on the year, to pray and thank the Father for all he’s provided for me in 2023. I felt refreshed, relaxed and at peace. I wasn’t really sure if I could afford a vacation at the end of the year and I still don’t think I could but I did it and to me, it was an expense that was worth taking. I did have my grandmother, mother and aunt meet me there and we were able to spend some time together to relax and just enjoy the solitude of the beautiful resort. I had a chance to get a facial at the spa and I spent some time in the hot tub and the heated pool. I took a couple strolls on the beach, sat near the water, watched the waves crash and thanked the Father for all His goodness and all the goodness he has in store for 2024. I am now particularly inclined to take my beach vacations during the winter when it’s quiet and cool. 

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Updated: Apr 25, 2023

I found this beautiful printed green mesh in the fashion District in downtown LA in May 2021. It was so beautifully printed with green, pink, blush, maroon, mustard and spring florals I just had to have it. Unfortunately I didn’t get the response from others that I expected. No one was feeling this fabric. So instead of pushing it to the back of the fabric storage and lamenting in my financial loss, I decided to use it to challenge myself. 22 looks for the spring. It was a good way for me to explore new designs and push myself to uncomfortable places so I could broaden my design and apparel construction skills.

Since I have so many yards (I suspect around 100 yards but it’s hard to tell since I bought the whole roll of fabric) I would have more than enough to make 22 looks and even make made-to-order looks for anyone else that wanted to purchase a style.

I started with a mock neck to neck tunic and tights. I adore the idea that I could make different styles of pants with the fabric. The fabric is so comfortable to wear and very easy to work with (my Juki serger loves it! Although there isn’t a fabric my Juki doesn’t like).

The second look was a circle skirt and a square neck long sleeve top. I loved experimenting with a new neck line for this look and I love the idea that look #2 looks like a 1 piece dress, but is actually two pieces.

The third look was a one shouldered bodysuit with a glove. I.Love.The.Glove. The glove was a design construction I was nervous about, but I wanted to try it despite my trepidation.

Gloves will be big for fall, mark my words!

All in all, the journey so far has been so rewarding! 3 down 19 to go!

Y’all pray for me.

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